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April 7th, 2010 by Jim

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  • Pollen Pollen everywhere…

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  1. Pollen Pollen everywhere…
Pollen on car
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Here we are outside Atlanta, with a pollen count of 5,783 parts per million. Just heard that freaknik is going to return to Atlanta, just two of a myriad of reasons to leave. We’ve been here since 1994, and we’re happy to be moving to San Diego. The people are nicer, the weather is better, and the problems aren’t as over-hyped as Atlanta. The overwhelming sense of entitlement by the Atlanta community has finally taken it’s toll.  The only freaknik that I want to see is the Adult Swim version.

Yes, we know the taxes are higher, but so are the school systems. We’re not moving to the 49th ranked school system in the country, we’re not moving to the 7 months of pollen, and we’re not moving to high crime with gangs, meth, and home invasions. Oh, and while earthquakes might be a common occurrence, they aren’t tornadoes…

While it may be costly, painful and tiresome to move, We’re happy to be moving to a place where we can be safe and prosper as a family.

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